Saturday, January 26, 2008

closing down sale

This blog is dead, ask me for the new one... if I do decide to continue blogging about my boring life. Cheers.

Tuesday, July 03, 2007

11 minutes and counting

A really really short post here. I am at a pay as you go internet service at Westfield (shopping centre, somewhat like 1U back in KL but it is a chain shopping centre, more like MacD of shopping centres), trying to kill time before I go for my second job. Yes, I work, not two but multiple jobs. 1 pretty much everyday part time, and the rest here and there. So I travel like crazy. I just hope I get called back for a second interview at KPMG. A tough nut to crack I must admit. The first interview was a total eye-opener. Instead of the normal go in and "tell me about yourself, what would you contribute to the company questions", they went straight to a test. Yes, a test.! Something totally unexpected at a first interview, and something I was not totally prepared for. I was initially expecting the normal one on one person interview, not that!

They gave us 40 minutes to read through a whole bunch of generated emails about a service company wanting to take on a new client. So they made us compile all the emails into a proposal and type it out within 40 minutes. Imagine the pressure! I think I went pretty well, but still. I just hope that I get called back.

Anyway, 2 minutes left. Got to go now. Will update later when I get home. Omg, gruelling 12 hours out from home, at two jobs. If I do land the KPMG job, I'd be working 9am-9pm a day. Great.

Monday, June 25, 2007

for sale

For now. One stress factor down, a few more to go. Now, I just need to get a job. Is there anyone out there willing to hire me to do their bidding ? I have been applying for multiple jobs, so far a couple of interviews to get through, a few rejections(nothing surprising there), and then there is the endless cycle of applying all over again. *sigh*

Michael Bublé - Everything

Friday, June 15, 2007

Exam week..wish me luck

Jamiroquai - Runaway

One of my all time favourite artist. I practically have all of his music. I'm just so addicted.

Tuesday, June 05, 2007

Do you YouTube?

Exams are in two weeks! As usual, I'm stressing at the very last minute, cramming and 'burning the midnight oil' away.
And at the same time indulging in a little bit of YouTube surfing.

*hears mobile ringing*


*shuffles things about*



Oh my ******* gawd! I can't find my mobile hidden under all the piles of rubbish in my room! It took me ages just to get everything off the floor. Newspapers, lecture notes, cds (omfg I just found a still 'sealed' cd of Good Charlotte's latest album, which I bought two months ago), wrappings, tissue (what?), money (yay!), and some odd stuffs.

.... I can hear my roommate celebrating in his room now while thanking god that I've finally done something about my room.

Since I've done with all the rubbish on the floor, time to think about that pile of clothes at the corner of the room. I'll eventually get to that.

If only I could find my mobile phone. I've cleaned all the rubbish off the floor, but still no sign of it. Not on my bed, desk, or any of the usual places, but it is definitely somewhere in my room, I just heard it. Only thing is, I think the battery just died, because I tried calling it but I can't hear it ring anymore.

I think god is playing tricks with me today. The only place left to check is the huge pile of clothes at the corner of the room. Should I? Damn. Is there no more justice in the world?

Wednesday, May 23, 2007

Estranged - Itu Kamu (Muzik@Ria)

This band is probably one of the only Malaysian bands I listen to. Awesome song i reckon.

Tuesday, May 22, 2007

changed layout

I'm still not sure if it is better than the last,
I hope you all like.